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Adger M. Pace

Adger M. Pace was born on August 13, 1882 in Pelzer, South Carolina. A lifetime student of harmony and counterpoint, he was a leading authority and was considered one of the foremost harmonists of the South. He wrote and contributed to more than 3,500 gospel songs.


In November, 1958, at a convention of singers in Birmingham, Alabama, he was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Music. A student of J.D. Vaughan, A.J. Showalter, J.E. Freeburg, Adolph Rosenbecker, Dr. Daniel Prothero of Chicago, and Dr. Madeley Richardson of New York Institute of Musical Arts. Adger did post graduate work at The Southern Normal Musical Institute of Dalton, Georgia.  He began teaching at the age of eighteen and continued until his retirement at age seventy-five. As a  composer, editor, and author, Adger wrote Pace’s “Modern Harmony and Voice-Leading“ in 1916. This work was copyrighted by James D. Vaughan.


Adger was also active with singing in various Vaughan Quartets, the most famous being the Vaughan Radio Quartet. Adger was a bass singers for 17 years with the radio quartet.   For over 37 years, Adger served as the music editor for the Vaughan Publishing House located in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee.


Of the more than 3,500 songs Adger composed some of his more famous ones include “Jesus Is All I Need”, “The Home-Coming Week”, “The Happy Jubilee”, “I’ll Ride On The Clouds”, “Deeper Than The Stain Has Gone”, “Naturalized for Heaven”, “Forever On Thy Hands”, ”Beautiful Star of Bethlehem.” and “That Glad Reunion Day”.


Adger Pace passed away in 1959 at age 77.  He was laid to rest in Lawrencebug, Tennessee.  He was elected into the Southern Gospel Music Assocation Hall of Fame in 1999.


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Important teacher of Gospel Music at Vaughan School of Music in Lawrenceburg, TN


Best Known Songs

  • “Jesus is All I Need” (songwriter)
  • “Beautiful Star of Bethlehem” (songwriter)



“Beautiful Star of Bethlehem” sung by The Oak Ridge Boys