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Bentley D. Ackley

Bentley D. Ackley was born in Spring Hill, Pennsylvania, September 27, 1872. His early training in music – learning to play melodeon, organ, piano, band instruments, accompanying, transposing at sight – started him on the road to years of service in evangelistic playing, editing, and compiling world famous hymnbooks, writing some 3,000 gospel songs. He was associated with Billy Sunday for several years as secretary – pianist. In partnership with Homer Rodeheaver in 1910, formed the Rodeheaver-Ackley Company which became the Rodeheaver Company still in existence. For many years, he was one of its music editors, but it is as a writer of gospel songs that he reached the hearts of thousands of people. His songs have been used in churches and great religious conferences all over the country. “If Your Heart Keeps Right”, “Sunrise”, “The Glory of His Presence”, “Amazed”, “When I Kneel Down To Pray,” and “In The Service Of The King” are just a few still being recorded and enjoying popularity.


Induction Year




Springhill, PA



Homer Rodeheaver, Billy Sunday



Rodeheaver-Ackley Company


Significant Songs

  • “If Your Heart Keeps Right”
  • “Sunrise”
  • “Amazed”
  • “When I Kneel Down To Pray”