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Denver Crumpler

Denver Crumpler was born in Arkansas, 1914, and died at his home in Decatur, Georgia in April, 1957. During his comparatively short life span of 43 years, his contribution to gospel music, and the happiness of his fellow man, in every walk of life, reached a scope that only eternity will reveal. He sang with a group known as The Melody Boys in the early thirties, was with the Rangers Quartet from 1938 until 1953, then sang with the Statesmen Quartet until his death in 1957. Denver gave to gospel music dignity, the performance of a true professional, and one of the highest lyric tenor voices we have ever known. Among his greates pleasures and contributions was encouraging and advising young people in the business. He was never too busy to visit with a youngster. He gave to gospel music all any man can give – his entire life.


Induction Year




Southern Gospel


Voice Part




  • Stamps Melody Boys
  • Rangers Quartet
  • Statesmen Quartet



Denver Crumpler and the Rangers Quartet singing “My God is Real”


Denver Crumpler and the Rangers Quartet Singing “I Have a Desire”