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Glenn Kieffer Vaughan

Glenn Keiffer Vaughan was born in Cisco, Texas in 1893  and moved to Lawrenceburg, Tennessee 1902. He first entered the Vaughan Music Company 1918, and became its president and co-owner 1941. Vaughan organized and toured with the Original Vaughan Quartet, which became the first gospel group to engage in regular broadcast activity. In 1923, he was active in the establishment of Radio Station WOAN, Lawrenceburg. Vaughan taught voice at the Vaughan normal schools and composed many gospel songs. During World War II, WOAN initiated “The Pause For Prayer,” for the men and women in service:  Each morning at 9 o’clock, Lawerenceburg’s local radio station sounded a recording of the Liberty Bell that was joined by the bells of every church and school in town.  Vaughan was elected to the office of mayor of Lawerenceburg, TN without opposition in 1947 and served four successful and progressive years. In 1949 he was elected president of the National Singing Convention.  Glenn Kieffer Vaughan loved horses and the very qualities he admired in them, he possessed himself: good conformation, admirable performance, gentle manners, and high intelligence.



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Cisco, Texas



His father was James D. Vaughan of the Vaughan Music Company



Vaughan Quartet



The Vaughan Quartet singing “Heaven All the Way”