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Haldor Lillenas

Haldor Lillenas was born on a small island south of Bergen, Norway, November 19, 1885. At the age of two years he immigrated with his mother and two brothers to America, settling in Colton, South Dakota. Shortly after his conversion at the age of twenty-one he began expressing the joy of his heart in song. As an evangelist, pastor and free-lance songwriter the melodies and lyrics flowed and were published by many of the leading publishers of that day, until 1924 when he founded Lillenas Publishing in Indianapolis. In 1931 his company was purchased by the Nazarene Publishing House of Kansas City, Missouri. He directed the music publishing of that firm until his retirement in 1951. Death came to Haldor Lillenas on August 18, 1959. Of more than 3,500 songs, his best known are “Wonderful Grace of Jesus” and “How Can I be Lonely?”


Induction Year




Bergen, Norway


Publishing Company

Lillenas Publishing in Indianapolis


Significant Songs

  • “Wonderful Grace of Jesus”
  • “How Can I be Lonely?”



Ernie Haase and Signature Sound singing “Wonderful Grace of Jesus”