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J.D. (John Daniel) Sumner

John Daniel Sumner was born in 1924 at Lakeland, Florida. His first professional singing was with the Sunny South Quartet. He joined the Sunshine Boys and appeared on the jamboree at Wheeling, West Virginia; also, the WSB Barn Dance in Atlanta, Georgia. While with the Sunshine Boys he appeared in several movies, with such stars as Roy Rogers and Smiley Burnette. In 1954, he joined the Blackwood Brothers. Upon joining the Blackwoods, J.D. Became not only a famous bass singer but also wrote hundreds of gospel song hits. He introduced the bus as a mode of travel, introduced backup musicians on stage, organized and managed the National Quartet Convention. Was instrumental in forming the Gospel Music Association and its official organ GOOD NEWS. He has served as a member of the Board of Directors for GMA and manager of the Stamps Quartet.


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World Record

In 1983 the Guiness Book of World Records sited his recording of Blessed Assurance as the lowest note ever recorded by the human voice.



Elvis Presley was a lifelong friend and admirer of Sumner



  • Sunny South Quartet
  • Sunshine Boys Quartet
  • Blackwood Brothers Quartet
  • Statesmen Quartet
  • Stamps Quartet
  • Masters V



JD Sumner singing “Wayfaring Stranger”



J.D. Sumner and Elvis Presley singing “Why Me Lord?”