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J.R. Baxter, Jr.

Born December 8, 1887, in Lebanon, Alabama. Educated in Alabama, taught literary school one term. Graduated from A.J. Showalter and T.B. Mosely Music Schools. Studied hymn writing with James Rowe. Married Clarice Howard on June 23, 1918. Member of Methodist Church, served on every board of every church he attended and was also choir leader. Manager of A.J. Showalter Co. Later formed partnership with V.O. Stamps – Stamps-Baxter Music Co. After the death of V.O. Stamps, he became president and general manager of the company. Wrote thousands of gospel songs. Served as musical editor for their books and other musical publications. Had a very popular radio program – the Stamps

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Lebanon, Alabama



A.J. Showalter and T.B. Mosely Music Schools



  • A. J. Showalter Company
  • Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Company