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James Blackwood, Sr.

James Blackwood born in Choctaw County, Mississippi, grew up to be America’s greatest gospel singer by almost any standard by which you would measure him. But James Blackwood is more than a singer, an entertainer, a quartet manager, a good businessman; he is a devoted husband to his wife, Mim, and a fine father to his two sons, Jimmy and Billy. He is a loyal and faithful member of his church, First Assembly of God, Memphis. The Blackwood family is a very closely knit family, and James appears to be the one that various members of the Blackwood “clan” looks to for advice and counsel. He is highly respected not only in the gospel music field where he has spent all of his adult life and is internationally known, but he is also well thought of in his home city of Memphis among every walk of life. A friend to all whose lives he has touched.


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Choctaw County, Mississippi



  • The Blackwood Brothers
  • Masters V
  • James Blackwood Quartet


Interview with James Blackwood, Sr. by Bill Gaither


James Blackwood, Sr.  singing “Everybody Will Be Happy Over There” during a Gaither Homecoming Concert