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James D. Vaughan

James D. Vaughan, at the turn of the century, founded the James D. Vaughan Music Publishing Company which through the years grew into one of the largest publishers of gospel music in the United States. Mr. Vaughan also founded and developed the Vaughan School of Music, which produced some of gospel music’s most outstanding exponents, performers, and musicians. The Vaughan Family Visitor, one of gospel music’s oldest publications of information on and about the world of gospel music, still thrives under the banner of The Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee. Mr. Vaughan was also gospel music’s broadcast pioneer having owned and operated the first radio station in Tennessee, WOAN, Lawrenceburg, presently WREC, Memphis. Considered by many to be the rock on which much of today’s gospel music was built and promoted.


Publishing Company

James D. Vaughan Music Publishing Company



The Vaughan Visitor


Other roles

Mayor of Lawrenceburg, TN from 1923 to 1927.



Karl Davis and Harty Taylor singing James D. Vaughan’s song  ”I Need the Prayers”