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Lena “Mom” Brock Speer

Lena Brock was born to a gospel music heritage. Her father, one of the South’s leading musicians and teachers, taught his children to sing almost before they could talk. In 1920, Lena married Tom Speer. Their four children, Brock, Rosa Nell, Mary Tom, and Ben, followed their parents’ footsteps and became outstanding professional musicians in their own right. Every day of their lives together was a song. They thrilled audiences throughout the United States and Canada with their sincere, skillful performances. Together they recorded more than a dozen gospel albums which included classics such as “Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All”, “Time Has Made A Change”, and “Mom” and “Dad’s” theme song, “Won’t We Be So Happy?”. Even when illness took “Dad” from her side, “Mom” Speer never stopped singing and only her final, fatal sickness ever stilled the sound of her powerful musical witness. The gospel music heritage lives today in the lives of the Speer children and grandchildren, who are carrying on the proud legacy of gospel music left behind by “Mom” and “Dad”.


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Southern Gospel



She was the daughter of music teacher Charles A. Brock.  She was also the wife of Tom Speer, and the mother of Brock, Rosa Nell, Mary Tom, and Ben Speer.


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The Speer Family singing “My Lord Will Lead Me Home”  with Mom on soprano