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R.E. Winsett

Founder of R.E. Winsett Music Co., Dayton, Tennessee. Composer and author of over 1,000 gospel songs. Publisher of gospel song books (including hymnals) since 1903. “Pentecostal Power Complete”, book published in 1908, surpassed one million in sales, and is still in print. Author and composer of “Jesus Is Coming Soon”, which was voted gospel song of the year in 1969. His last compilation “Best Of All”, which approached one million in sales, was written in 1951. Quote from Ruth Winsett Shelton, his surviving widow, “When he wrote, his inspiration filled the house, because he lived the gospel so strongly”.


Induction Year



Place of Birth

Bledsoe County, Tennessee


Publishing Company

R.E. Winsett Music Co.


Dove Awards

Gospel Song of the Year in 1969 for “Jesus is Coming Soon”, which he authored and composed



The Oak Ridge Boys singing “Jesus is Coming Soon”