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Samuel W. Beazley

Samuel W. Beazley was born in Sparta, Virginia in 1973.  He was a music scholar and taught music at Shenandoah College for five years.  Samuel W. Beazley composed over 4,000 gospel songs during his lifetime. Some of his most well known works are “Jesus Paid It All”, “Crossing The Bar”, and “The Great Redeemer”.  Samuel W. Beazley maintained a successful publishing business in Chicago, Illinois.  It was there that he died on September 16, 1944.


Induction Year




Sparta, VA


Significant Songs

  • “Jesus Paid It All”
  • “The Great Redeemer”
  • “Crossing the Bar”



Ivan Parker singing “Jesus Paid It All” for Bill and Gloria Gaither’s Homecoming


Kristian Stanfill playing another version of “Jesus Paid It All”