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Thomas A. Dorsey

Thomas A. Dorsey was a jazz pianist when he met Christ as Savior in 1921 and dedicated his life to writing gospel songs. Mr. Dorsey has served as head of the National Baptist Convention, and traveled as a song evangelist. At the age of 80, Mr. Dorsey is serving as choir director at Pilgrim Baptist Church in Chicago, a position he has held since 1932. Of the over four hundred songs he has written the most popular, and most often recorded has been a prayer song he wrote following the death of his wife and child in 1932, “Take My Hand Precious Lord.”


Induction Year




Gospel Blues


Early Profession

Blues/Jazz pianist



Co-founder of that Natinal Convention of Gospel Choirs and Choruses


Significant Songs

“Take My Hand Precious Lord” (songwriter)



Interview with Thomas A. Dorsey


Marion Williams singing “Take My Hand Precious Lord”