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Tim Spencer

Tim Spencer was born in Webb City, Missouri on July 13, 1908. In 1933 Tim, along with Roy Rogers and Bob Nolan, founded the singing group, The Sons of the Pioneers. They were honored by the Smithsonian Institute in 1979.  Spencer wrote western, popular, and gospel music, but around 1949 went into the gospel music business and limited most of his writing to religious music. His popular and wastern songs included “Room Full of Roses”.  His gospel songs included “We’ve Got a Great Big Wonderful God”, “Open Your Heart”, “These Old Bones”, and “Cowboy Campmeetin’”.  Most of Spencer’s efforts after leaving the Sons of the Pioneers were spent with his gospel music publishing firm, Manna Music. The firm obtained the publishing rights to “How Great Thou Art”, “His Name Is Wonderful” and “Sweet, Sweet Spirit”.  Tim was a pioneer in religious recordings on the West Coast, as head of the religious record division of RCA Victor.  Tim Spencer died April 26, 1974.


Induction Year




Springer, NM


Early profession




The Sons of Pioneers with Bob Nolan and Roy Rogers


First Song Published

“Will You Love Me When My Hair Has Turned to Silver,” dedicated to his wife



The Sons of Pioneers singing “Cowboy Campmeetin’”