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Urias LeFevre

Urias LeFevre completed over fifty years as a professional gospel singer. He sang with and managed the LeFevres from 1921-1964. He turned over management at that time to his son but continued to travel and sing with the group. Urias is responsible for many “firsts” in gospel music, including the first public address system ever to be used by a gospel group. He also pioneered the Gospel Singing Caravan.  He contributed greatly to the careers of many young gospel singers who were later to become famous in gospel music. The list would include such men as “Big Jim” Waits, Connor Hall, Troy Lumpkin, Bob Prather and Hovie Lister.


Induction Year




He married Eva Mae Whittington in 1934


Start of Gospel Music Career



Others affected by his influence

  • “Big Jim” Waits
  • Connor Hall
  • Troy Lumpkin
  • Bob Prather
  • Hovie Lister



The LeFevres singing “I’d Rather Be An Old Time Christian”


The Gospel Caravan Singing “Everybody Will Be Happy Over There”