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V.O (Virgil Oliver) Stamps

V.O. Stamps began his illustrious career in 1914 as a singing school teacher. He founded the V.O. Stamps Music Company in 1924, later known as The Stamps-Baxter Company. Prior to his untimely death in 1940, he had the greatest impact on the promotion of gospel music of any predecessor. Though he was a noted singer, writer, publisher, and pioneer recording artist, his greatest accomplishment was spreading gospel music through the medium of radio, then relatively new. For several years he had many salaried quartets and more than 100 representative quartets on key radio stations nation-wide. His name became a household word in that era, and it can be truly said that V.O. Stamps was the first to introduce southern style gospel singing to total America.


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Achievements as a pioneer

He was one of the first to spread gospel music via radio.


Publishing Companies

  • V.O. Stamps Music Company
  • Stamps-Baxter Music and Printing Company



Promotional video for the Stamps Baxter Music School